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Money Keeper. Manual

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Money Keeper – small utility which will help to prevent the unpleasant surprise for  the buyer on cash desk.

With Money Keeper You will always know for what sum you have already taken the goods and can take something else, or correct a count of already taken goods.

The idea of Money Keeper is very simple – to input the cost of thing into application before you’ll put it into basket.  The program calculates the amount and you will be able to evaluate whether to take other products.

The difference between Money Keeper and usual calculator:
  • There are no superfluous operations that has allowed to make buttons of input of figures big enough.
  • The program keeps history.
  • You can maintain several different calculations.
  • The program automatically calculates the weight depending on the cost per unit of weight.
 Version for Android.

 This is the main window. As we can see in the screenshot there are located only big (even for man's fingers) buttons, a field for input of the price and a sum conclusion on the screen. Also the field with the help is located above buttons. The help will always remind you that it is necessary to do further.

Let's input our prices.

Type a price by using buttons and press "enter" ("enter" looks like Enter-button on PC keyboard)

Weight Mode.

The idea of this mode consists in the following:
  • Switch to mode (long click on "weight mode" button)
  • Input weight and press enter button
  • Input a cost per unit of weight and press enter button

That's all! Your price was calculated and added to the sum. 

Undo operations.
If you were mistaken and the sum was counted incorrectly, last action can be cancelled easily. For this purpose press the touch button "menu" on the device and in the appeared menu choose point "Undo last operation"

If you want to exclude some price from a list, press menu item "Current History".
As you can see there is the list of the entered prices in the screenshot. Touch a price you want to delete and confirm your purpose.

If you want to clear all entered prices press "C" item from menu. All prices from current list will be deleted without restoration possibility.

Create new list
Sometimes it is necessary to separate one list from another. For example, you have visited several shops at one day.
  • Open menu and select item "Create new list"
  • Type a name of new list in special field
  • Press "Create New" button
All entered prices will be saved with mark <new list name>

Open application menu and select item "All History".
Choose period (Today or Select date)

If you'll click on "Today" item, you'll be able to choose all lists for today.

Or select date (or interval of dates) for search

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